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Social Distancing

How To Use Stickers And Signs For Social Distancing?

Social Distancing is an important strategy to help protect staff and visitors during coronavirus infection, where people are advised to stay at least 2 meters apart in efforts to prevent the spread of the virus.

Signs and stickers are a great way to remind people to stay away. They provide people with vivid visual reminders as well as, more importantly, help clarify a safe place, especially in dark areas such as shops and malls.

Regardless of your location or environment, from business and manufacturing to business and industry, it is vital that organizations plan for how to make the most of the public misery and what they have provided to help make this easier.

From floor-to-ceiling sticks to labels to music tapes and powder puffs, there are a number of solutions available. Read on for our top tips to make sure you deliver the right product to meet the needs of your environment.

Custom stickers for offices 

When developing your plan, you need to understand your audience and how big they are. For example, a company where most people are able to work from home may require a brand and label less than a public store or factory.

Buy self adhesive sticker or set up stickers in places where people can get in and out, such as the kitchen, reception area, and hallway near the exit, door, and toilet.

You can place stickers and symbols elsewhere, but there is a risk of overheating, making them invisible to only part of the “back noise” of people. Try changing the setting or using different colors to help keep people awake at the memory. However, you can’t believe the entry is important – if people can benefit from it, use logos and stickers!

Custom stickers for shops

Use stickers, logos and symbols to help ensure that your policies and actions are understood. This prevents confusion and helps keep your employees safe and unobtrusive. They should be placed at important gates and where people often interact with employees, such as checkout. For example, you can place stickers at or near checkout points to encourage customers to use the non-contact payment method.

To make customers feel better about shopping in your store, you should also use stickers to guide them to the store and separate themselves from other customers. This can be in a variety of forms or combinations of systems, such as using one-way resources and moving around the store. You can buy food stickers, social distancing stickers, and much more if you can’t find anything good related to the cause. You can also use stickers in the queue area and aisles to reach people up to 2 meters, or as information to help people find a better way for something important and avoid contact with others.

Custom stickers for factories 

Companies can vary widely, so it is important to take a good look at how people work, how they go about it, and how they interact with others.

You can use custom security stickers to mark the area reserved for moving objects; for example, one carrier carries there and leaves before the second one collects it — just like the current drivers. This reduces the need for close connections, but it still ensures that parts and components can move around your equipment.

Landmarks can be used to separate areas and give a clear indication of an individual’s “work space” to avoid close contact with others. You can also implement a one-way resource and prevent access to certain methods to help reduce face-to-face.

As in the industry, you will also find areas where people can cross or enter well marked and defined. For example, the reception area on a road or infrastructure is often used.


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