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Logistics Code Sticker


Flexible And Durable Logistics Code Sticker

The Logistics Code Sticker is an extremely flexible and durable code sticker that is great for installation in many areas. This adhesive sticker is glossy vinyl, which means that it can take any amount of wear and tear from constant installation.

The logistic code sticker uses advanced encryption techniques that provide the user with a high level of protection. The sticker can be used in multiple environments, ranging from offices to warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and retail stores.

The sticker we offer is a code that will allow your logistic company to identify and track your shipment. You can have this code printed on any part of the package, or even in its entirety. 

Logistic Code Increases Security During Shipping

This code increases security during shipping and facilitates the entire process from start to finish. Logistics Code Stickers are the easiest way to up-sell your current and potential customers. The sticker can be applied to any cardboard box and is available in different colors. The codes can be used for anything from an order to containing all of your products, or a payment method.

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